Filing A Roofing Insurance Claim

Getting your new roof from Roof Co means getting the best Roof you can get. From the initial inspection until it’s all cleaned up, you will know exactly what to expect from our professional roofing team. Insurance claims in Oklahoma are filled out with information from your homeowners policy. Whether you have minimal damage or your roof is completely destroyed, you can file a claim. And Roof Co will work with your insurance company to help with the claim.

Is It Easy To Do?

Both filing a roofing insurance claim and completing roofing work is fairly simple. Once your claim has been approved, your insurance company will issue a check. You will not directly pay Roof Co out of pocket.

Now on the inside of your home, roof leaks can cause serious damage. The walls, ceiling, light fixtures, and attic interior may also suffer water damage and need repair. We will need to document this in our claim to the insurance company. The insurance company will tell you how much they are willing to pay for everything which will allow you to potentially upgrade some of these things in your home as well. Every repair is going to fall within the budget allowed by your insurance claim. Every insurance repair will be performed by licensed contractors who will take care of your home. 

Let’s Get Going!

There are many different repair and roof replacement options with the professionals at Roof Co. You want your home in good shape and so do we. So you can trust that we put our best foot forward in everything we do and all of our work is performed to the absolute highest standard. Give us a call today for a fast free estimate on your roof, or give us a call at 918-921-4400.

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