Gable Roof Vs. Hip Roof

What is the difference between a gable roof and  hip roof? These two designs are very common roofing styles in Oklahoma. Both are very efficient at flowing precipitation off the roof and away from the home. The particular style of roof a house has greatly depends on the complexity of the house design itself.

Gable Roof

A gable roof has only 2 sloping sides that move downward towards the walls of the home, and the other two sides extend up to the peak of the roof. This is most common on single family dwellings and manufactured homes. Think of it as more of a triangle shape when looking at the home. It is very effective in areas with heavy ran and snow fall when you need to move precipitation into gutters to flow away from the home.

Hip Roof

A hip roof slopes on all sides and has no vertical edges. The name of this roof is referring to where the two planes meet in a ridge. It is much more complex than a gable roof and more costly to build. You have likely seen these on common structures such as churches and pavilions where the roof makes more of a pyramid shape.

Advantages To Both

Gable roofs offer a lot of advantages. Not only are the more cost effective to build and maintain, but the also provide a lot more attic space for storage and living space. The downfall is that they are more prone to wind damage and just don’t have the aesthetic of a hip roof.

Hip roofs on the other hand, do stand up well to the elements. Their complex designs make them more resistant to high winds that we are known to have in Oklahoma and greatly increase the curb appeal of your home. Gutters function better on these type of roofs and they add a unique look to any structure. However the are more expensive to build and maintain and will also cut into your attic space.

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