Insulate Your Attic And Save

If you are looking to save money this winter on your heating costs, one of the most common ways to do so is by having proper insulation. The majority of homes in Oklahoma do not have adequate insulation. This results in the loss of needed heat to maintain your home’s temperature and reduce using furnaces as much as possible. Nearly half of all energy use in a home comes form heating and cooling. Making sure your roof and attic are insulated can also cut that bill in half.

What Damages Insulation?

Several factors play a role in the breakdown of insulation in your home. Storm damage, mold, and other natural occurrences break down your insulation. The build up of dirt and dust also play a factor. In older homes, inefficient insulation causes air leaks, which lets out heat in the winter and increases utility costs.

Should You Replace Your Insulation?

If you are looking to insulate your attic, you may be able to add to the existing insulation without replacing it entirely. Covering insulation with more insulation may be an option in situations where insulation has broken down or shifted.
However, if you are experiencing high drafts, or notice an uptic in allergies, this may be due to bad insulation. Mold growth and bacteria is commonly found in old insulation and you made need to replace it entirely.

Have It Inspected

There are several types of home insulation such as blown in insulation and spray foam insulation. Why are we telling you this? Because proper insulation can also help you with the life of your roof. Protecting the interior and temperature regulation can prevent the breakdown of shingles. Contact Roof Co in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or Skiatook for an inspection of your roof today. Call now.
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