Preparing Your Roof For Winter Weather

It is no secret that Oklahoma winter’s are unpredictable. This year we have already seen a severe ice storm in Oklahoma City while having clear skies in Tulsa. We have seen freezing nights while having day time temperatures in the seventies. All of this unpredictability can lead to catastrophic damage to your roof. One day could be heavy rain while the following days low temps lead to freezing, which adds weight to the structure of your roof. One day it could be 90 degrees and the next day gets heavy snowfall. We know, we have seen it too. What this means is that we need to cover some basics on preparing your roof for winter weather.

Removing Snow Build Up

While fresh snow doesn’t appear to weigh all that much, as it sits it will compact. Older snow coupled with fresh snow can be very heavy. It is important to remove snow build up from the flatter parts of your roof where it accumulates. The easiest way would be to invest in a quality snow rake. A snow rake is a tool that you can use from the ground to safely remove snow build up from your roof. Keep in mind to never pull or push snow across your roof, as this can lead to shingle damage.

Remove Ice Build Up

We all love the festive holiday look of ice cycles hanging from a roof. However the damage caused by these may not be worth the aesthetic appearance they give. Use a broom to gently remove ice cycles and prevent damage to your roof and gutters. Also look out for ice dams forming on your roof. These ice dams will prevent snow from falling off of your roof, block your gutters, and cause even more damage than the snow. We also suggest that you never use salt on your roof as this causes damage and discoloration to your shingles.

Contact The Professionals

If you have questions or concerns on how to protect your roof during the coming winter months, call Roof Co. We pride ourselves on taking care of all of our Tulsa roofing clients and look forward to serving you as well.
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