Roof Replacement Cost

There are many online calculators and services that try to help you to determine the cost of replacing your roof. While some of them might get you close, they almost always are inaccurate. There are numerous factors that go into roof replacement cost that these online calculators cannot factor in. Let’s look at some of those things.

Key Factors In Roof Replacement Cost

Every roof is different and you are going to need a trustworthy, reliable roofing contractor like the professionals at Roof Co to help you. They will give you a fast free quote to get an accurate estimate on the cost of your roof, that you won’t find anywhere online.
Roof Size: The most obvious factor in the cost of your roof. The more surface area you have to cover, the more it is going to cost. You are using more supplies and more labor the more you have to do. A bigger roof means more shingles, more plywood, more drip edge, etcetera. And an important thing to consider is that the square footage of your home and the square footage of your roof are not the same.
Roof Slope: Residential roofs have different slopes, usually depending on where they are located. In places that get more snowfall and rain, the slope of the roof will be steeper to help with run off. The steeper the roof, the more expensive it is to replace, and this is generally due to safety reasons involved.
Waste Factors: One thing that is factored into the cost of a roof replacement is waste. Usually 10-15% of the cost is for waste. This means areas where shingles overlap as well as excess materials that are cutoff and thrown away.
Roofing Materials: Types of shingles you choose to have installed, or building codes or HOA rules will also determine the cost. For example, three tab shingles and architectural shingles do not have the same cost. Also, things like decking, flashing, vents and underlayment will have a huge effect.
Condition Of Existing Roof: In some cases, you will not need all new decking installed. If the condition of your current roof is pretty good, then you will not need near as many materials for a replacement which can lessen the cost.

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