Signs That A Roofer Is Ripping You Off

If you own a home, the chances are that at some point a roofer has stopped by and offered to inspect your roof for you. Seems like a nice enough gesture right? You just had a big storm roll by and maybe you were curious about the damage your roof has taken.
Well, that roofer has probably thought about that too. And while it seems like this nice person at the door is doing you a favor, you should be careful. There are plenty of roofers out there that do things ethically. But there are also signs that a roofer is ripping you off, and we are here to tell you what those are.

The Low Bid Bait And Switch

These fly by night roofing companies will start off with a low bid to get your hooked. But as they begin working on your roof, the price seems to go up. They begin replacement and the next thing you know they are knocking on your door saying, “Hey, I’m sorry, but we need more shingles than expected.” Or some other roofing material that they didn’t calculate. And the next thing you know, you are paying more money.

Cutting Labor Time

If they are ripping you off, they do not care about how long it takes or the quality of work you get. A new roof costs thousands of dollars to install, and you deserve the time it takes to do that.

The Material Price Hike

When a roofer is ripping you off, they will jack up the cost of the materials. It is not hard to look up roofing material costs from companies such as CertainTeed, GAF, IKO, and others. If the roofing company will not tell you what materials they are using, it is because they do not want you to know. An honest roofer will give you a complete breakdown of everything you are getting and how much it costs. You are free to verify it on your own.

The Large Down Payment Scam

If you are paying out of pocket, it is normal for a roofing company to ask for 10-15% of the cost of the roof to cover materials. If the company is hitting you up for more than 20% of the cost, that is a big red flag. This is a sign that they plan on taking your money and not doing quality work.

The After Storm Knockers

As we said before, if you get an unsolicited knock at your door after a major storm, they are just looking for money. The absolute best way to know if you have real storm damage and get a quality roof replacement is to schedule a consultation. Not to accept unsolicited offers from door knockers.

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