What Causes Roof Leaks

There are a handful of causes for a leaking roof. Age and neglect, weather damage, carelessness with tools, improper installation, and so on. Preventing leaks is definitely a more affordable route than repair or roof replacement. So knowing what causes roof leaks can help you maintain your roof and avoid disaster.

Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial roofs see a lot more foot traffic than residential roofs. This is because most large commercial buildings have things like heat and air units installed on the roof. It is OK to walk on your roof. They are constructed to handle some added weight. However they are not designed for dropping tools and mishandling parts on them. Membranes around HVAC units can become damaged with heavy traffic and ultimately lead to a leaky roof.

Residential Roof Leaks

These are what we see the most of. The roof on your home is obviously not build the same as the warehouse downtown. And there are so many causes for roof leak at home. The biggest reasons are inclement weather, and age. Storms, particularly those with high winds and hail wreak havoc on a roof. Damaging shingles, flipping them, or blowing them away entirely. This allows water to flow where it shouldn’t be. Making its way into your attic, and down to your ceiling. It is imperative that you take action immediately if you notice damage to your shingles. When caught early enough, a simple roof repair can take care of the problem. With too much damage or too much time going by, a full roof replacement may be required. In most cases if roof damage is due to a recent storm, your home owners insurance will cover the cost of replacement after you meet your deducible.

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