Winter Roof Damage

The cold is approaching quickly in Oklahoma and if the old persimmon seed is right, we are looking at heavy snow fall. As if living in the cold isn’t enough, what it can mean for your roof is worse if it is aging. Heavy snow fall means added weight. This can put a lot of stress on the structure of your roof and weaken it. As the snow melts from the heat of your house, ice damns can form and become detrimental. There are some things you can do to get ready for it tho.

Get A Roof Rake

A roof rake is essentially a large blade attached to a pole. This is used to pull heavy snowfall from your roof to the ground. Sweeping it like a broom. This will reduce the chance of weight damage and water dams forming. However, if you use one, be sure to be careful of your gutters and not rip them from our house. All gutters should be clear of debris so that melting snow can flow away from your home.

What Are ice Dams?

Ice dams are developed when melting snow re-freezes before it can finish draining off of your roof. When water cannot escape your roof it is absorbed into the shingles. This causes roof leaks and water damage. Replacing or repairing a roof in this kind of weather is next to impossible, so you want to stay on top of maintenance to prevent this winter roof damage.

Call A Professional

We would not suggest attempting to crawl on a roof that is covered with snow. Serious injuries can happen if you slip in the ice and fall. Instead, call the professionals at Roof Co and have our experts come out for your winter roofing needs. Send us a message here or give us a call so we can help you!
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